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Published on : December 21 21:26:33, 2017

Jangbu is awesome, even other travellers on the way praised him for being a good guide (and a good photographer). The moment he picks you up at the airport, you've got EVERYTHING covered. Any problem Jangbu will put in his 100% to help you. Jangbu strives to ensure we reach the goal of our trip. Being meticulous, he take care and reminds us of simple details such as applying lip balm - before blister starts to form which by than, eating and drinking will be painful! He ensures your safety at all times. He brings you to the best shop to rent/buy equipment. Jangbu even offered his own beanie, when my friend forgot hers! Definitely recommend Saribung Adventure and Jangbu! Looking forward to my next trip in the Himalayas with Jangbu!

Olivia, Singapore
Published on : April 21 17:45:19, 2017

Jangbu came to pick me up at the airport as he knew it was my first time in Nepal. Eventhough I could've just meet him in Pokhara. He is always saying how when I am in his country, he will do whatever he can to help and he did exactly that. I felt very safe and very taken care of. Jangbu has vast experience and I felt he knew the routes well and was always ready to improvise plans to accomodate my needs- all of which contributed to this once in a lifetime experience. He had a great sense of humor and was very cultured, you could tell he's worked with clients from all over the world. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend Jangbu to anyone planning to head to Nepal!

Nabihah Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Published on : March 29 21:24:30, 2017

So glad I went back Nepal for the second time after my first trek with Jangbu 6 months ago. The Himalayas left me in awe and this time, I wanted to transition from a trekker to a mountaineer. Of course I did it with Jangbu again w/o hesistation because we became good buddies after the first trek. But this time, he proves to be more than just an excellent guide. He was my support,my cheerleader, my walking aid, my family, my bodyguard etc throughout the entire journey. He always put his client's interest/needs first. For e.g, he would offer me his warm clothing and check on my equipments every now and then to make sure I'm in good condition. Needless to say, without Jangbu's constantly supporting me during the climb, I wouldn't have made it to the summit and have so many stories to share now. His patience, care, respect and attention to his client is definitely more than 5 stars. I'm so thankful and glad that I didn't cause any injuries to him due to my fatigue! Take care and see you soon!

Marlene, Singapore. IG: @marwqy
Published on : September 05 18:56:32, 2016

we went on trekking to Langtang trek with Jangbu from Saribung Adventure.
Jangbu was our guide during the Langtang trek. It was a wonderful
experience for us. Jangbu was an extremely attentive guide. It was
our first trek, and Jangbu intuitively seemed to know exactly how
fast a pace we could handle. He took excellent care of us, both during
the trek and during our 'down time', always enquiring if we were all
right and whether he could help us with anything. Jangbu's English is very good and he is eager to learn more. We had very interestingdiscussions about our respective home countries.
In case you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable guide for
trekking through Nepal, we highly recommend Jangbu
Sylvia and Allert - the Netherlands

Sylvia and Allert,the Netherlands,,
Published on : September 04 18:56:59, 2016

It's been a while now, that I went on a trekking to Annapurna basecamp with Jangbu from Saribung Adventure. I must say that I had a great time. Jangbu is an excellent guide, who was born in a mountain village and knows the Himalayas and the climate inside out. He told us many tales about the adventures he experienced in the mountains and the local traditions and folklore. He helped me carrying my monstrous backpack, even though I was so stubborn and naive I told him many times I could carry it on my own (i was so wrong) :P The mountain homes where we stayed overnight and the meals were traditional, simple and of high quality. I'd recommend this trekking company to anyone who's looking for a wonderful experience of the stunning Nepal mountains, organised by a honest and respectable tour company. Thanks guys! :) (Y)

Dominique, the Netherlands,
Published on : July 28 08:37:27, 2016

Il nostro primo trekking in Nepal risale al maggio 2011. Insieme agli amici Fausto e Carla, camminammo per due settimane da Jomosom a Lo Manthang, e ritorno. Potemmo così attraversare un territorio meraviglioso dal punto di vista ambientale, ricchissimo di inestimabili opere d’arte del buddhismo himalayano, abitato da un popolo accogliente e gentile. Durante questo viaggio, conoscemmo la giovane guida sherpa Jangbu Lama, al soldo di un’Agenzia di Kathmandu. Diventammo immediatamente amici. Jangbu è  persona intelligente, sempre disponibile, molto esperta e professionale nel lavoro, infaticabile. Per i suoi clienti, Jangbu rappresenta una sicurezza! Infatti, nell’ottobre di quello stesso anno, io, Piera e Michele tornammo in Nepal, compiendo un difficile, meraviglioso e lungo percorso fra Basso e Alto Dolpo, spingendoci fino a Shey Gompa e al Pokhsumdo Lake: indimenticabile! Nel 2012, ci incamminammo verso la isolata e incontaminata Nar-Phu Valley, con l’obiettivo di spingerci fino al Tilicho Lake e a Muktinath, attraverso il Thorung La. Purtroppo, a causa di una mia disgraziata caduta, io e Piera fummo costretti a rientrare in elicottero a Kathmandu, mentre i nostri tre compagni completarono felicemente il programma, sempre seguendo le orme di Jangbu. Nel 2014, ci avventurammo sui sentieri impervi di alta quota del trekking dei “Tre Passi”, nella regione del Khumbu, ai piedi dell’Everest, del Nuptse e del Lothse. Fu un’esperienza incredibile, che ci regalò giorni di felicità e di infinite emozioni. Fu in quell’occasione, che l’amico sherpa ci confidò il progetto di voler costituire una propria Agenzia Turistica, per potersi rendere indipendente e libero nel lavoro. L’impresa non era per niente facile, anzi!, ma Jangbu è un ragazzo coraggioso e determinato, non si lasciò spaventare dalle tante difficoltà economiche e burocratiche, proseguendo caparbiamente nel suo desiderio. Nel frattempo, si era sposato con Yanji e, nel gennaio del 2015, gli era nata la piccola e bella Dechen, motivi in più per portare avanti senza tentennamenti il suo progetto. Purtroppo, il disastroso terremoto dell’aprile-maggio 2015 mise in ginocchio le attività turistiche in Nepal, quasi tutti i viaggi furono disdetti, ma noi non ci perdemmo d’animo. Così, nell’ottobre-novembre 2015, ovviamente guidati da Jangbu, tornammo in Mustang, per esplorare la parte che nel 2011 non avevamo potuto conoscere, cioè quella sulla riva sinistra del Kali Gandaki, la più selvaggia, tormentata e solitaria. Anche questa – come le altre -, è stata un’esperienza meravigliosa, che ci riempie ancora oggi l’animo di gioia e stupore. Intanto, il sogno di Jangbu Lama si sta finalmente realizzando: ha fondato e fatto partire la sua Agenzia, battezzata con il nome di http://Saribung Adventure. Tutti noi che abbiamo avuto la fortuna di camminare e di essere guidati da lui, ne siamo orgogliosi e felici. Se possiamo dire, la sentiamo anche un po’ nostra…Jangbu merita ogni fortuna e soddisfazione, e per questo invitiamo tutti coloro che desiderano intraprendere un trekking o un viaggio in Nepal, ad affidarsi alla serietà e alla impeccabile competenza di Jangbu e dei suoi collaboratori: non vi deluderanno! Auguriamo di cuore ogni fortuna e realizzazione, a lui, alla sua neonata creatura e a tutto il popolo nepalese, che ha oggi più che mai bisogno del nostro aiuto, di noi che veniamo da ogni angolo del mondo per goderne bellezza e ospitalità, affinché si possa riprendere dai terribili danni e lutti patiti, tornando a sperare in un futuro meno precario e problematico: coraggio, amico Jangbu! Coraggio, amici nepalesi!

Giovanni Zilioli , Italy
Published on : June 09 18:31:02, 2016

It was my first trekking adventure alone and I chose to do it with Jangbu Lama. I was recommend to do it with him by a friend and I'm glad I did. No doubt that was the best choice that I've made because the trek with Jangbu was perfect throughout the 12 days.
Before the trek, he answered all my queries and doubts promptly through texts,email and calls. In the end, I decided to do Poon hill + Annapurna Base Camp trek after much encouragement from him and my friend. 
Jangbu displayed professionalism from the start, he is honest, caring, extremely responsible, observant, experienced and passionate about his job. Not only was he just an incredibly nice guide, but he was like a brother, a mother, a babysitter to me all in one. Even the people I met along the way told me so.
Jangbu would always lend a hand to guide me down the steep/slippery terrain safely. He would remind me over and over again to hydrate myself, take breaks, apply sunblock / lip balm and ensure I have consumed enough food and water before bed.
I remember him taking off my shoes and socks to check for leeches without hesitation whenever I was worried. Thankfully, I was fine.
I remember him being sick on the long bus ride back to Kathmandu but still he was constantly asking if I was fine and apologising for the massive jam.
I remember my friend once told me that he supported her along the way down the stairs when her knees were hurting too much.
On top of that, he takes very good photos and videos of his clients during the trek. He took photos that my sister was convinced that they were from movie scenes.
Jangbu is someone who would try his best to put his client's interest first. There were no issues discussing with him about what I want/need/worry. I've seen other guides along the way and I'm happy to say that I was lucky to receive 5 stars service from Jangbu. Such a great trekking experience with Jangbu. I will definitely go back to Nepal to trek with him again. 
Lastly, I wish Jangbu all the best for his career and family. Till next time! :)

Marlene, Singapore
Published on : April 27 12:01:14, 2016

Dear Jangbu Lama, thank you very much for making this Nepal adventure success for me, without your wonderful mindfulness to ensure I keep up with the rest in my group, thank you very much once again..

Helen, Malaysia
Published on : March 13 23:05:04, 2016

I was on a one month trekking with Jangbu Lama in Tibet (Mt. Kailash) a couple of years ago. During our long trekking, he was always on the spot, where someone needed help.He is one of the most trustable and kindest persons I ever met.
Jangbu Lama is a very responsible and modest young man. I'm looking forward doing an other trip under the guidance of him.

Ingi Cellar, Switzerland
Published on : February 15 21:34:50, 2016

I had a week to spare after a conference in Asia, and decided to visit Nepal to explore the Himalayas via Sagarmatha National Park. I enlisted Jangbu to put together a guided trip, and would like to heartily recommend him to anyone looking to tour this or any of the contiguous areas. He is very well acquainted with the area and people, is a very competent guide, and made every effort to assist both from a planning and sheer physical assistance point of view - I insisted on carrying a full load at the time, and found the altitude adjustment took a little work! He can arrange organized itineraries with carriers for luggage (which is a relatively affordable option, and which I would recommend to those who are looking for a more relaxed trek), as well as more fluid schedules out of season if you want to drift according to your mood. We walked for several days, exploring areas below base camp, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would love to come back, and intend to do so when my kids are old enough to join. December is a nice time to visit, very quiet and the crowds are largely gone, but you have to layer to handle the hot sunny and cold shaded areas. Another point to consider if you aren't sticking to a fixed schedule, is that coming back down to Lukla can be done in almost half the time spent heading up into the park. I and many of Jangbu's other customers have remained in contact with him over the years, which is I believe a testament to his character, and I wish him the very best.

Guy Havercroft, Johannesburg, South Africa