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Nepal offers some of the world’s best white water rafting experience. Each year, several thrill seekers visit Nepal for white water rafting in Nepal. Fed by melted snow from high Himalayas, these rivers drop down from mountains and progress through valleys and deep canyons to the plains. We offer different Nepal Rafting routes with itineraries that vary from one day rafting package to longer itinerary rafting package.
Rafting is the best alternative to trekking in Nepal where the route continues through more wilderness with views of pristine forest, spectacular mountain views, wide valleys, culturally rich villages and deep crevasses.
We are absolutely serious about your safety. Thus, you will be led by expert rafting guide who has several years of experience of rafting in national and international rivers. In addition, there will be one highly experienced kayaker at standby position to rescue in case of any bad incident.
In addition to that, you will get instructions from your rafting guide before the start of rafting. The staffs are well- trained in emergency rescue. October to December and February to April are considered best season for rafting in Nepal. But, rafting is possible throughout the year in some of the rivers like Trishuli. 
Saribung Adventure allows best Nepal river rafting experience in following rafting rivers 
Nepal Rafting Rivers

Trishuli River Rafting

This is the river that you would like to raft in if you are looking for an easy river rafting that even an unexperienced rafters can enjoy. It is a good idea to warm up with Rafting in Trishuli before going for rafting in more challenging rafting rivers.  This is the best river for beginners who wish to learn about rafting in a practical way.
Rapids are below Grade 3 category. Trishuli River has usually 1-Day to 2-Days itinerary. We will begin rafting from Chauraudi that exists 3hours of driving distance far from Kathmandu. Starting from Charaudi, we will sail through several rapids and turbulences before ending our trip at Kuringhat. You can enjoy Trishuli Rafting in all season.  We will cover around 38km of river distance.

Lower Seti River Rafting

Lower Seti Rafting is best family holiday package. It is perfect river for first time rafters. Sail through rapids that are under Grade 2 and Grade 3 categories. Lower Seti Rafting itinerary can be done as 1- Day or 2- Days package. Damauli is the initiating point for Lower Seti Rafting and the rafting concludes at Gaighat. September to November and April to June are considered best season for Lower Seti River Rafting.

Upper Seti River Rafting

This is a moderately challenging rafting as the rapids in Upper Seti fall under Grade 4 category. Upper Seti Rafting itinerary can be arranged as 1- Day to 2- Days package. You will be taken in 90 minutes of breathtaking river journey. Bamboo Bridge is the starting point for rafting in Upper Seti. Bamboo Bridge is located 30minutes of driving distance from Pokhara. After passing through several rapids and turbulences, rafting concludes at Dam from where we will drive back to Pokhara. You can participate in Upper Seti Rafting from September to June.  

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Bhote Koshi River Rafting is one of the most challenging river for rafting. You have to sail past several hair rising rapids and falls in Bhote Koshi rafting. Rapids in Bhote Koshi fall under Grade 4 and 5 categories. Bhotekoshi Rafting itinerary is 1–Day to 2-Days package. Starting point for Bhote Koshi Rafting is at Baseri and ending point is at Lamosangu Dam. September to November and April to June are best season for Bhote Koshi Rafting.

Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Kali Gandaki River Rafting is not for beginners. It offers challenges of Grade 4 and rapids. Kaligandaki Rafting itinerary is 3- Days package. Baglung Bridge is the starting point for Kaligandaki rafting while it concludes at Marmim. Rafting in Kaligandaki is possible from September to November and April to June.
Marsyangdi River Rafting
Marsyangdi Rafting offers challenges of rapids that fall under Grade 4 and Grade 5 categories. Marsyangdi Rafting itinerary can be taken as 1- Day to 2- Days package. Initiating point for Marsyangdi Rafting is at Ngadi while rafting concludes at Bimalnagar. September to November and April to June are best season for Marsyangdi Rafting.

Sunkoshi Rafting

Sunkoshi Rafting allows you with an experience of longest river rafting in Nepal. You need to sail through raids that fall under Grade 3 to Grade 5 categories. Sunkoshi Rafting itinerary can be taken as 8- Days to 9- Days package. Dolalghat is the initiating point for Sunkoshi Rafting while rafting concludes at Chatara. Dolalghat is located 3hours far from Kathmandu. Sunkoshi is listed in Top10 Rivers for rafting in the world.

Karnali Rafting

Enjoy breathtaking experience of rafting in Nepal’s longest river. Karnali River has also been listed in Top10 Rivers in the World. Sail through rapids that fall under Grade 4 to Grade 5 category. Karnali Rafting itinerary is a 10- Days package. Sauli is the starting point for Karnali rafting while rafting ends at Chisopani. October to November and April to June are best season for rafting in Karnali River. No special skill is demanded.

Tamor Rafting

Tamor is one of the most challenging rivers for rafting in Nepal. It is attempted by very few people. Sail through Grade 4 to Grade 5 category rapids. The itinerary usually lasts for 11- Days. Dobhan is the starting point for Tamor Rafting while it ends at Chatra. You can go for rafting in Tamor in October, November and April.
We can customize these Nepal rafting packages to suit your needs. Contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer you with most memorable white water rafting experience. 

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